'In Almere is alles nieuw; daar is geen replica uit de Gouden Eeuw te vinden. Het heeft zijn korte geschiedenis, die meer is dan charme, en wie er goed kijkt zal het geen moeite kosten te zien dat de nieuwe stad en het nieuwe land ook mooi zijn, weergaloos.'

'Everything in Almere is new; there are no replica's from the Golden Age to be found here. It has a short history which is more than charm , and for those who observe carefully it will not be difficult to see that the new town and new land have an unparalleled beauty of their own.'

From: De ontdekking van Almere, H.J.A. Hofland

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011


Yesterday I was in the south of Holland to see the collection of FRAC Nord-pas de Calais in The Timmerfabriek in the Dutch city of Maastricht.

Hundred of artworks from these collection have temporarily moved to Maastricht.

The Timmerfabriek (The Joinery works) is part of the historical site of the famous Sphinx ceramics factory. It was built in 1905 and has beautiful industrial halls.

Vito Acconci, Adjustable Wall Bra, 1990
Andy Warhol, Electric Chairs, 1971
Hans Haacke, Blue Sail, 1965

Superflex, 2007

woensdag 26 oktober 2011

Amsterdam - Shipping House - 
Amsterdam School

The Shipping House at the Amsterdam Prins Hendrikkade in common was built as six shipping companiesoffice building of Amsterdam. 
It is widely seen as the first building in the Art Deco and Amsterdam School style. 
The first part of the building was ready in 1916. 

The architectural design is of the then relatively unknown J.M. van der Mey architect-Amsterdamse School- and the architects M. de Klerk and P.L. Kramer.
 In addition, a large group of artists worked on the numerous decorations of both exterior and interior of the building. The building was to serve as a practical, modern and functional office building and also refer to the rich maritime tradition of Netherlands.
All the sculptures are of Hildo Krop, a Dutch sculpture and furniture designer, widely known as the city sculptor of Amsterdam, where his work is well-represented.

Particular are the rich ornated Central stairwell.
The ironwork in the Central stairwell forms a connecting link between the floors and suggests the floors to Struts. The staircase is covered by a 106m2 stained glass window 
by the stained-glass painter W. Bogtman.

Since 2007 The Shipping House is a
 ***** Amsterdam Hotel: Amrâth.

And a beautiful view from the terrace of the 5th floor.
You see the Nemo museum, which also has the form of a ship. 

vrijdag 21 oktober 2011


Today we had a beautiful sunset in Holland. 
I took this picture at 18.20 from my apartment.

zondag 16 oktober 2011


For the first time a European baseball team has wun the World Cup.
Holanda Campione del Mondo!

I like this sport, in my younger years (the seventies) I played baseball ( for ladies: softball) in the town where I lived: Bussum. We played on a high level.

Here an action picture: me on the second base in 1974.
And she is out!

zaterdag 15 oktober 2011


I' am singing in a choir special for people who has (had) cancer or another chronic illness.
October is the international month of breast cancer and we had a perform in Almere.
This a part of the choir.

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011


Today I was in Amsterdam to do some things and passed by

In de Waag (In the Weigh House) on the Nieuwmarkt (Newmarket), built in 1488. 

Originally the building was a town gate, called The Sint Antoniuspoort. It has had many, many destinations, now it is a restaurant and is lit by 300 candles.

This statue (made by Piet Esser) is a hommage to Bredero, a famous Dutch playwright and poet in the period known as the Dutch Golden Age. He was born in 1585 in Amsterdam. 
This a scene from the play De Spaanschen Brabander.

And of course bicycles.......

and flowers