'In Almere is alles nieuw; daar is geen replica uit de Gouden Eeuw te vinden. Het heeft zijn korte geschiedenis, die meer is dan charme, en wie er goed kijkt zal het geen moeite kosten te zien dat de nieuwe stad en het nieuwe land ook mooi zijn, weergaloos.'

'Everything in Almere is new; there are no replica's from the Golden Age to be found here. It has a short history which is more than charm , and for those who observe carefully it will not be difficult to see that the new town and new land have an unparalleled beauty of their own.'

From: De ontdekking van Almere, H.J.A. Hofland

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Ice or Art?

Sunshine and freezing in Holland. 
I was in Urk today. Urk is a small town, until 1939 it was an island.
Urk has a very close and religious community
The important economic pillar of the village is the fishery. After the IJsselmeer was formed, the Urkers fished on the North Sea. Due to rising prices of fish, at present Urk is a very prosperous village. In the past, many lives were lost in storms on the Zuiderzee and North Sea. There is a memorial to lost fisherman on Urk, popularly known as the "Urker vrouw": a statue of a woman looking out to sea, vainly awaiting the return of her husband and sons. 
I saw this ship at the harbour with lots of icicle, it looked real ice...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dag Maria

    Schitterende opnames met fraaie ijsafzetting en een bijzonder mooie belichting, dit zijn echt goed foto's.

    groetjes, Joop

    leuk dat je mijn foto werk wilt gaan volgen.